Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Music Machine

The Music Machine "Cherry Cherry" from Turn On.
  • (Mp3) Cherry Cherry

    Blogger sheriff derek said...

    i don't know if you are up for it... but you could... embed the mp3s and have a player in your post... the only hard part is having a place on the web to store them... web hosting... of some sort... for player codes... follow this link


    but i'm glad for the blog either way... it would just be nice to hear the song - before i download it- dw

    4:59 PM  
    Blogger sheriff derek said...

    second thoughts: some of them WILL let you play them using box... others you can only download... might have to do with file size... but these songs rule... so i would be sad if i didn't have the option to download them... but hearing them straight from the blog... and also having the ability to download them would be ideal. thanks for these songs!!! i would never have heard of these people...

    5:08 PM  
    Blogger Jeff Boozer said...

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions, Derek.

    I will try to convert the Mp4 files to Mp3 in the future... for some reason the Mp3's have the option of playing on Box.net's page, the Mp4's don't.

    I like to just download stuff at random, and with little concern, but I realize not everyone wants to deal with it that way.


    2:54 PM  

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